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Flowga Video Art


In collaboration with Lis Charman, Friendtorship-Together/Again, Claudia, Nora, Jackie, Stephanie, and the MMM school.As we go out into the world more, it can be hard to take time for ourselves. This project is a way to check in with yourself and take a break but still be active. The rocks you paint will be a representation of your feelings in physical form, so get expressive! “Welcome to Together, Again! As we emerge from quarantine, we’re interested in what it feels like to get back together for the first time: How to ease into it. How to celebrate it. How we might begin to imagine/create a world we want to re-enter.Working in small collaborative groups, college and middle school students created exercises for reconnection that reflects our experiences of the past year — from learning online to coming back together again.”from the Together/Again website

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