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Burpee Redesign

This Burpee Redesign is a personal project that is meant to modernize the most popular seed and plant company in the country. The current branding system reads “my grandma’s messy garden closet” and feels outdated and boring compared to the quality of products they sell. My intention was to be sleek and focus on humanistic photography with a depth of focus, warm emotion, and tasteful typography to be more visually pleasing and appeal to social trends. As a full brand identity, I wanted to emulate Burpee’s passion for “novelty and traditional” products through more coherent branding to create the opportunity for social attention. The project includes packaging and product design, logo design, and focuses on a social media campaign and visually pleasing face for the company.


Creative Plan

Untitled_Artwork 3.png
poppy seeds mockup.png
Apron-mockup copy.png
Mockup 2.png
Mockup 3.png

Employee Aprons

Gift cards

iphone-13-pro-max-mockup_freebie copy 2.png
iphone-13-pro-max-mockup_freebie copy.png
poppy seeds mockup snowpeas.png
apple seeds.png
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